One Down and Eleven More to Go

Dave Matthews Band Piedmont Park Album CoverGreetings from the LAN living quarters.  We’re upstairs this evening watching DMB’s Piedmont Park show.  Now airing… Dreaming Tree.  Panovec recently told me this was one of his favorites and it’s a rare live tune.  It happens to be one of my favorite tunes too and I love this version.  The Farm Aid show that has been airing on HDNET also includes a live version of this tune with Dave and Tim Reynolds.

Tracey’s in the kitchen this evening cooking up some grub.  Actually one of her trademark, saw a recipe and made it her own, dishes.  Andouille sausage and shrimp over grits with crusty french bread.  The dish is pretty simple and rustic.  You make a light roux, throw in the trinity (onion, bell pepper, celery), the sausage, then add some stock.  The shrimp gets in last to cook before being served.  Of course there’s some cayenne and other stuff.  The soup is served over grits in a bowl.

I’ve cracked open a bottle of Wild Horse Pinot Noir which means I’m not doing much of anything tonight other than watching Dave and exercising my fingers with this posting.  I like the Wild Horse.  I’m not a wine snob so I won’t attempt a description other than it goes down nice, and warms my nose pretty good too.  But I know it will pair nicely with the meal.

It’s super weekend.  I wonder if super Obama girl will run onto the field, lift her blouse, and hug Brady Sunday evening.  If so, I vote Obama on Tuesday.  If the Patriots win, I’ll turn off the TV and get ready for Monday.  If the Giants win I may have another cocktail and listen to some Sammy Hagar.  It’s not that I like the Giants or hate the Patriots.  It’s that I like the underdog, the unexpected.

We don’t have anything big planned for Sunday.  As a matter of fact we’re planning on visiting the Science Museum to check out Body Worlds.  Hale went on a school field trip to see this but was rushed through.  She said it was awesome so we’re going together.  It looks pretty narly in pictures so I can only imagine what it looks like up close.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing some homework and staying warm.  We had snow yesterday, about 5 inches or more.  It wasn’t the storm they said it may be.  It made life interesting yesterday but the temperatures will rise enough this weekend to melt all the snow by Monday.  Hale took advantage of the snow day by playing with friends all day.  Taylor worked on her guitar hero technique.

Have a good evening and weekend.

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