Web’in It

We’ve been crankin’ away on our new venture over the last week.  Word Press is pretty cool.  It probably would be even better if I knew some code.  I bought a Word Press book and an SEO book to help me get started.  I figure as I play with this stuff I’ll pick some things up.  Eventually I’ll be looking for some books or maybe even a class to learn the language of the web.

I did manage to review a BBQ joint yesterday.  Pappy’s Smokehouse claims a Memphis style.  So we had to check it out.  It was pretty good.  You can read about it on the other site.  🙂  Hale came with me.  She said the ribs were the best she’s ever had.  Eleven years of live can’t be wrong.  They were good, I’ll give her that.

All this Word Press use motivated me to remake tomfeary.com too.  I worked on that yesterday and today.  I hope I’m not extending myself too much but am looking forward to the challenge.  I’m thinking that as many articles that I come across in a week I could at least post something every two days or so.  We’ll see…

Eventually I’ll move LAN over to the platform.  But that will be such a undertaking that I’ll wait for a long weekend.  Maybe July, who knows?

Well, we’re out tonight.  We have some burgers for the grill.  I picked up Boulevard Brewing’s unfiltered wheat which is very popular in the pubs – usually on tap.  Surprisingly it didn’t have much head or curtain when I poured a glass last night.  There are still Skinny Dips in the fridge too that look a little lonely.

Enjoy this glorious Sunday evening and have a good start to your week!

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