Hump Night

Summer's perfect with Bell's Oberon

“Reach back… between the seats… and ease the seat back….”

Summer is getting in full swing.  90+ degrees here now.  This ain’t no Charlotte but we’re gettin’ it goin’ with floods to boot.  No floods here at LAN though.

Picked up this nice crisp wheat from Bell’s Brewery called Oberon.  You gotta love the label: “Spicy and fruity, Oberon is the color and scent of a summer afternoon.”  By the way, I may be a King but this ain’t no reference to my last name.

Have I used the word “ain’t” twice already?

We picked up the brew at the new Whole Foods now just a mile away from HQ.  With it were some fresh bison burgers, pesto green beans, and smoked sweet potato salad.  Oh yea I munched down some pickled okra too.  Summertime baby!

Happy Humps!  May the rest of your week be fruitful.

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  1. Bells has only been on the east coast for a few years as far as I know. I am a huge fan of their HopSlam Double IPA, which is seasonal and is usually brewed in January or February. Unfortunately, Ithink they have pried me out of buying it next season. They have increased the price of a sixpack from $14.99 to $19.99 for next years batch. I will be sure to savor the two cases I stashed in my cellar.

    Hardy Regards!

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