Warren Haynes Band: Charlottesville

We were unable to secure tickets to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds’ charity concert in Charlottesville on August 20.  We did score tickets to see the Warren Haynes Band at the Jefferson Theatre and were still able to donate our purchase to a charity of our choice.  Kudos to the bands for donating their pay through JustGive.org.

Before we could decide how we would use our four tickets, our friend at the Woodside decided to make the trip up for some Central Virginia entertainment.  As usual the Woodside beat us to the punch in writing a recap of the weekend.  We like it and will ride its coattails. We offer only a few views from our side of the river here in Richmond:

We are lovin’ us some Warren Haynes Band.  The soulful combination of  band members Ruthie Foster, Nigel Hall, Ron Holloway, Terence Higgins and Ron Johnson compliment Haynes’ rockin’ blues play marvelously.  The band can rock, can pump out old school soul, and caress an audience like classic Otis Redding.  There’s a driving calm to the music.

The Jefferson Theatre was a great place to see the band too.  All the sound stayed in the venue.  Not a note was missed, an interaction of band members overlooked.  The intimacy of the experience is one I don’t think I’ll forget.

And yes, it was not a shock to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds join the band on stage for the encore.  In fact we were expecting it knowing the three have played together often.  We witnessed the magic of Haynes joining DMB in Atlantic City in June.  What was surprising was the interaction of the band members with Dave and Tim as if they had been playing all summer.

We can’t wait to see the band again in Richmond.  The National is playing host on 10/7.  Any bets on guests joining the band for a song or two?

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