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We conducted a design contest a few weeks ago to define a new identity for the site.  Below is the winning design in case you’ve missed it.  Of course we only posted on Facebook so most likely it hasn’t been viewed by many.

This was one of the first logo concepts presented to us over the 7-day contest on  The tree was an instant hit and immediately had positive feedback from the majority of those who helped make the pick.

The original Lazy Acres tucked away in Gandy’s Cove of Morgan County, Alabama had many fruit trees.  There was a small apple orchard.  Peach, nectarine, and plum trees were also on the farm.  There was one lone pear tree that never seemed to bear fruit.  Three gigantic pecan trees provided thousands of nuts each year if you could collect them all.

In the BBQ world, fruit trees are used for many different applications of smoke.  Apple, cherry, pecan, and peach woods are used on about every kind of protein.  We’ve smoked with apple a few times.  Cherry tends to be our favorite.

Everyone can look at a tree and uncover something different.  Other than fond family memories and BBQ adventures, words like growth, opportunity, choice, care, strength, and sustainability come to mind.  The new site will incorporate some of these themes.

Stay tuned…

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