Teasin’ the Mix

It’s sounds kind of corny but here in the office late at night the summer mix sounds as good as fried pickles at a local Richmond diner.  I told Panovec several nights ago that I couldn’t stop listening to the tunes.  He said “really?”  “Yep!” I replied.

There’s no braggin’, no competition, no beatin’ down on anyone this year.  I’m workin’ on the mix for me, for me.  You want to ride along, be prepared for a solid groove with some antics. There’s plenty of soul and rhythm.  There’s plenty of new interests with many influences of old.

Want some teasers?  Follow the twitter feed.  I decided this morning that I would slowly roll out the mix through Twitter.  There will be bits and pieces that will make you wonder “what the heck is he thinking?”  Hopefully by the time we get to Memorial Day the entire mix will make some sense.  If not… aeh.  We won’t worry about it.

That’s right, a little St. Louis did rub off on us!


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