Mixin’ in May

“Dancin’ across the water with galleons and guns..” then getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and searching for a good drinking hole seems to sum up the last 3 years for us.   We bolted to St. Louis in 2007 for new opportunity.  Jumped right into business school.  Took a new job back in the Commonwealth less than two years after the move.  Commuted back and forth from the Lou to Virginia for the past year.  Now here in May it may appear that we’re permanently going to be settling back in Virginia for a while.  Knock on wood.

So the summer mix without me really knowing it has turned into more of a joy ride of tunes conjuring up feelings of what this summer has in store for us.  Turns out past mixes have been that way too.  In 2007, we created a mix featuring live tunes expressing various feelings of our move to St. Louis.

I spent the beginning of that summer without Tracey and the girls and actually think Memorial Day was spent alone – a first holiday in many without smoking a pork butt.  “Thing Called Love”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, and “Pride and Joy” were direct reflections of the family at the time.  Also on the disk, Willie Nelson performing “Whiskey River”, a salute to Dad.   I saw Willie for the first time live in Richmond last summer.

Of course a live summer mix wouldn’t be complete without DMB, who have now become staples each summer for us.  This year we have tickets to five shows.  Our tickets to the 6/16 show in St. Louis may end up being our last show in St. Louis.  We have tickets to the three Gorge shows and DC too.  DMB announced this past week they are taking 2011 off.  So this year’s show may be the last of DMB for a while too.


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