Purple Rain, Pu-UR-ple Rain

Prince did a good job last night and I’m qualified to say that given that my living room was quieter at halftime than any other moment of the night last night. Of course my halftime started about 20 minutes after everyone else’s halftime did courtesy of the DVR, but Prince put on a heck of a show. It was surprising to say the least. “Everybody wants to be in marketing.” Leave it up to to dispel the myths laid into the fabric of our society by Gilbert. That is what happens in marketing meetings, …

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The Unveiling

The holidays are off and running. At 08:13 the day after thanksgiving I don’t feel hungry. Even Hale said she wanted to wait for breakfast this morning. We probably over did it for just our little family but then again Thanksgiving and all the trimmings (or leftovers) only come around once a year. Here’s the menu…

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