It’s Scenario One

To say I was disappointed that the Saints lost is an understatement. I was upset. My stomach was churning. I felt for New Orleans. I was really looking forward to doing my part for the city by purchasing some Saints bling for Super Sunday. But now… who wants a white shirt with a blue horseshoe?! Only if you’re in Indy.

At any rate I think the game should be a good one. Manning and Urlacher staring down each other on every snap. The culmination of many years of labor by the Colts. The first two African American head coaches to make the big game in the same game. The never ending “which Grossman will show up” question. And I expect a Devin Hester TD on a punt return given the Colts couldn’t tackle anyone on special teams Sunday. After Sunday’s games I’m altering my earlier prediction to say I believe this will be a high scoring affair with the Colts coming out on top.

Regardless of the teams, we’ll have to start planning the menu. I’ve been working on a chili recipe the past week. The base recipe came from Emeril Lagasse via the Food Network. I like this one because of the texture and the simplicity. The masa flour really thickens it up and adds a southwestern flair to the taste. As Emeril encourages his viewers, “go ahead and knock yourself out,” I’ve made some tweaks to the base recipe.

What I’m shooting for with my adjustments is more of an authentic campfire style chili. At Artley’s suggestion I substitute rendering bacon with a small amount of olive oil instead of the vegetable oil. I’ve replaced the cayenne pepper with chipotle pepper. Rather than regular crushed tomatoes I use fire roasted crushed tomatoes. On Sunday for experimentation I added one half of a 3 Musketeers Bar – another tip from Artley that he picked up from a friend. The result is a smoky hot chili with the chocolate adding just the right touch of sweet to mask the heat.

The tweaking will continue. I’m looking to add more veggies next go around and I think I’ll use a good organic dark chocolate over the candy bar. Got any good chili tips or perhaps planning a super menu for Super Sunday? Let me know with some comments.

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