Smoking Turkey Checklist

LAN’s newest blogger, Alyssa, posted a great recipe for smoking turkey.  Here’s a quick checklist on the gear you’ll need to complete the task (in no particular order):

  1. Bourbon.  This is only for emergencies but you’ll want it close to make it through in-law encounters in case they flare up during the day.
  2. A roasting pan with rack. You’ll want a pan with rack to hold the bird and keep it stable.  Don’t worry, plenty of smoke will penetrate the bird during cooking.  Make sure to place the bird breast side down.  There are lots of good jokes here.
  3. Charcoal.  We recommend Kingsford and we’re like consumer reports.  Trust me.  Kingsford’s not paying me one dime to recommend their product.  The charcoal burns low and slow when you maintain it – ideal for smoking turkey.
  4. Meat thermometer.  We don’t use these on pigs.  With a turkey it’s the safe play.  Weber offers a great remote monitor that you can find at most home improvement or household appliance retailers.
  5. Bourbon.  Oh I already listed this one.  Uh… this listing is for your favorite NFL team getting blown out by a non-contender while your mother-in-law runs the vacuum, your wife washes dishes, your kids play yatzee, and your brother-in-law yacks away about his upcoming snipe hunt.
  6. The latest Rush concert DVD.  Yes, Rush is alive and well, in the studio recording their next album, and will be on tour in 2012. There’s no better chance to ready yourself.  Did I mention their new box set is in stores now?  (Hello family – no socks this year!)
  7. Orange rolls.  Actually these are to be eaten in the morning.  You need to build a base for all the snipe hunting stories.  The All Steak Restaurant in Cullman, Alabama has orange rolls nailed but any will do while you get the fire ready and wake to the day.
  8. A nice day.  You can’t control the weather but if the sun is out, wind calm, and temps are mild smoking a turkey will be a breeze.  An aggressive mother nature can make your smoked turkey recipe hard to manage.

So cheers to you and yours this Thanksgiving Day.  We wish the best this holiday season.

Gobble, gobble!

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