Orange and Blue Superman with Lex Luthor in houndstooth hat

2011 Iron Bowl Thoughts

The Iron Bowl, the annual college football game played between Auburn University and the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, is listed as one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports. To me the game is a classic good versus evil matchup.

In our version of events, Auburn plays for the side of Good.  Alabama has always been evil.

Alabama has many legitimate and fictional National titles and Nick Saban.  They wear red. They have more fans with no education.  They fought to preserve segregation.  Now they represent a State trying to boot out Latinos.  Thank goodness for the US Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers read, thought, and evolved.  The late Bill Hicks said it best, “one of the reasons I read is so I don’t become a waffle waitress.”  There are 128 waffle houses in Alabama.

But what does reading and waffle houses have to do with a football game?  Nothing really.  We just hate UAT.  It’s well documented.

So let’s try something different.  If Auburn people really do evolve as implied here in our posts on LAN, by gosh let’s evolve.

In fact I removed my license plate from my car two weeks ago.  Yep, at least my car won’t be defined by my feelings towards the bammers.  Perhaps it’s time to move on here at LAN too.

New topic: Ever notice how many villains Gene Hackman has played in his career? I love me some Gene Hackman.  Let’s take a quick look back at some infamous characters he’s played:

Orange and Blue Superman with Lex Luthor in houndstooth hat

Lex Luthor in Superman.  Has there been a better Lex Luthor since Hackman in 1978?

Gene Hackman is Alabama's Little Al in Unforgiven

Who could forget Little Bill in Clint’s Eastwood’s Unforgiven?

Hackman played the quintessential WASP, arrogant political leader in Absolute Power.

Of course, fitting for today is the movie Crimson Tide.  Hackman’s character Captain Frank Ramsey of the USS Alabama tells his African-American executive officer the Lipizzaner Stallions are white.

What’s your favorite Gene Hackman flick?

On the game today… we’ve written before and many who are paid to do these things have said, the better team in this series usually wins.  I expect that today.  Still, Auburn does have a history of knocking off top 10 teams.

War Eagle everyone.

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