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Rush Ready

A couple of weeks ago I confessed to my colleagues this would be the first summer I would not see Rush in many tours.  Maybe that was a signal to the planets.  That next Sunday Palladia aired the new Rush movie, Behind the Lighted Stage.  Hale showed interest.


I quickly scanned tickets online for the DC show September 18.  Like most of their tour, the show is virtually sold out.  Lawn seats were the only thing left.  StubHub provided a reasonable remedy.

So we’re going.  Upon hearing the news that she was invited to a Rush concert, Hale provided the hardest high-five of her life.  My hand is still stinging.

Below I offer a mix of my favorite Rush tunes of the new era.  Rush has been making music for 40 years.  Modern era would be the last 20-ish.  Enjoy!

LAN’s Rush Ready Mix for the Modern Era:

  1. Far Cry, Snakes & Arrows
  2. Dreamline, Roll the Bones
  3. Animate, Counterparts
  4. Ghost Rider, Vapor Trails
  5. Faithless, Snakes & Arrows
  6. Cold Fire, Counterparts
  7. One Little Victory, Vapor Trails
  8. Everyday Glory, Counterparts
  9. Bravado, Roll the Bones
  10. Earthshine, Vapor Trails
  11. Stick It Out, Counterparts
  12. Roll the Bones, Roll the Bones
  13. The Pass, Presto
  14. The Way the Wind Blows, Snakes & Arrows
  15. Secret Touch, Vapor Trails
  16. Ghost of a Chance, Roll the Bones
  17. Out of the Cradle, Vapor Trails
  18. The Seeker, Feedback

Stay tuned.  We may provide a B side mix from the first 20 years.  I’ve got a good running list of about 12 songs already.  And if we feel up to it we may stream some tunes next week.  Maybe…

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