I’ll Be Your Friend

There have been several reports since Thursday of Auburn players and coaches singing “Lean on Me” together.  Two thoughts: 1) good to hear unity, 2) seriously, Lean on Me?!

Of all the songs that could be sung together… Lean on Me?  I suppose the wonderful Auburn video crew will now change the stadium video given all the complaints of the chosen pump up song.  Lean on Me now makes the top of the list.  Look for the future fan vote soon.

Lean on Me.

Oh this just in… Auburn announced a new football sponsor.  Kleenex will now be suppling the team with product in the locker room.  Now when soft mushy songs are sang in unison, the team can blow their noses without injury to the sensitive skin around their nostrils.

God withdrew his sponsorship offer when he heard the University was opposed to fire, brimstone, locust plagues, blood oozing from away team water faucets, and gigantic scaly beasts destroying opposing defenses. Lean on Me was also a factor.  “C’mon, of all the talent I provide, Lean on Me?!” said God.

Sorry Auburn, coaches, players… Love the teamwork, the bonding, the togetherness. Just can’t resist the choice. “Lean on Me“.  Really?

Random notes on the Mississippi State game and others:

  • Glad to see good defensive play.  Of course I’m not a Roof hater like some.  But I have to admit the DL play and tackling was much improved.  Can’t wait to see it in action against Clemson.
  • The offense wasn’t perfect but 17 points was enough to get it done against the Bulldogs.  I was surprised at the conservative play calling and what appeared to be the plan.  However with our first two games played in a five day span, keeping it simple appeared to have been the smartest play.
  • Young blood is providing a good boost.  Michael Dyer looks real fresh with every touch.  Craig Sanders is an absolute bat out of hell on special teams.  I can’t wait to see him rush a QB!
  • Penn State at UAT: The Nittany Lions will not be out coached, they rarely are.  I don’t think Penn State’s youth at QB can overcome all the other intangibles.  Never the less, Blue and White will be worn at HQ tonight.
  • I think the best game today in many respects is UGA at South Carolina.  I have no real preference in the game but kind of like the Gamecocks.  Something tells me the old ball coach may have something to work with in 2010.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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