Ready or Not Here Comes the Iron

This has been, well a weird year for pigskin gazing at LAN.  Most of the viewing has taken place over a broadband connection in a studio apartment under I-195 in Richmond.  We’ve been fortunate to make it home for some good games and be with family for others.  Tracey and the girls have watched a little now and again.  Certainly Auburn’s big matchups have gotten plenty of attention from the Feary’s this year but the smoker has been lonely.

Yet here we are.  The day in which the only game that really matters is played.  Wait, that sounds strange.  Perhaps one day the Iron Bowl will be like the gopher bowl, or the bourbon barrel, or the scrambled eggs, or some other meaningless game on the national landscape.  Maybe, just maybe, Auburn will ascend beyond the “mom, that bully is in our yard again” perspective and just say, “here’s a game that we need to win because the championship is within grasp.”

There’s where the bammers come in.  Undefeated.  The nation’s eyes transfixed on their game with Florida.  Nothing gained with a win.  Everything to lose.  Yet Auburn doesn’t pose a challenge.  They have no defense.  The offense has been inconsistent, sputtered when up against real competition.  The special teams have been anything other that “special”.  New coaches versus established coaching.  Hmm..

We will spare you the endless babble of references to 1989.  Oh 1989?  Yes, another game in which the bammers came to Auburn undefeated ranked #2 with the national title game airfare already booked.  Another game where Auburn was going to be smoked out of its own house.  Auburn won.  History recorded it.  You can go back and check it out.

Speaking of which, here are a few links I feel are noteworthy this morning:

War Eagle everyone.  Enjoy your Friday.


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