Post-Turkey Rambling

Let the holidays begin!

As Dad always used to tell me “don’t let the bastards get you down.” So congratulations bammers. We’re happy that  beating a seven win unranked team added so much lore to annals of Tuscaloosa legend. Enjoy the next year.

“It’s only Saturday,” I told myself laying in bed this morning listening to Fly snore. She was sacked out and so was everyone else at LAN. My east coast clock got me up way earlier than we were wanting. That’s too much time on a Saturday morning to plan a day. Or why plan one?

I ventured out yesterday to troubleshoot my cell phone.  I don’t think I’ll be placing that on today’s agenda.  One, the AT&T store couldn’t help me.  Two, traffic.  Good Moses, these folks here in Lou suburbia gots to get ’em some drivin’ skills.

Hale wants to check out the new Disney movie this weekend.  We will take the 14 year old too.  Should be a good family time.  We may check in on Senor Pique as well.  We can’t let too much time lapse between Senor Pique meals.

And a day of NFL tomorrow… Ah, 60″ of HD pigskin bliss.  You can never have too much.

We’re going to fire up the grill at some point too.  Not sure what we’ll have.  We’ll tune in to Bobby Flay in the morning to see what’s he’s burning to help decide.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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