November CAMmentary

Looks like I’ll be hitting Tigers Rags for some new gear.  I cut fabric on two shirts today.  Cam Newton threw for over 300 yards in one half of play in today’s game.  Alabama went down on the Bayou to LSU.  It is Auburn NOT Alabama who has a shot at a National Title on the first Saturday in November.  Where’s the Saban chick?

There are three games before the BCS Championship game.  Three games Auburn must win to have a chance at playing for a National Title.  Media pundits and computers will determine the real match-up whether earned or not.  Auburn just has a chance.

Next up is the oldest rivalry in the Deep South.  Beating Georgia wraps up the SEC West for Auburn.  This may be the biggest of all the games on the path to the BCS.  The road teams in this rivalry tend to win.  There have been plenty of games in this series where Georgia has won when they weren’t supposed to.  The Bulldogs have a habit of not paying attention to the media nor the Vegas line.

The bammers are after UGA.  If LSU can throw to win against Alabama, Auburn should be hard to beat regardless of venue.  I like this match-up better than last week given the circumstances.  IF Auburn beats Georgia – if – I think Auburn plays loose against the Tide.  It could be a long day for the bammers. Lets not forget Alabama still has a renewed and scrappy Mississippi State team next week. I’m extremely curious to see how they play knowing they are on the outside of both the SEC and National title races.

A scary scenario to me in December is a rematch with South Carolina.  The Gamecocks still need to win tonight and then beat the Gators in the Swamp but a rematch there may leave my fingers without nails.  Other than Arkansas, Auburn hasn’t seen an offense like South Carolina’s yet. We were fortunate to have beaten them in Auburn.

An Auburn/Florida match-up most certainly will be a media circus given Cam Newton’s history in Gainesville.  This game will get a lot of attention but I wonder if the BCS computers and voters will appreciate it.  Florida isn’t ranked and they may not crack the Top 25.  Auburn will have to rack up a ton of points to secure a slot in the BCS Title game.

Tonight, it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger.  I don’t care much for the rankings or the polls.  Any day Alabama loses is a good day.  Now that the season is coming to a climax, it’s nice to know Alabama is now looking to Auburn to hope for Championships.  It could be an Orange and Blue Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho!

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