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“It’s Sad”

Auburn’s AD Jay Jacobs released a statement yesterday regarding the Cam Newton Saga.  Jacobs called the latest allegations and reporting of Cam Newton’s academic record at Florida “sad”.  Patsy Cline is the only music in my head today.

Jay is right.

It’s sad that Debby Downer wants to rain on Auburn’s parade.

It’s sad that Auburn finds itself in the middle of another college football controversy.

It’s sad that the American public thinks gifted athletes go to school for education.

It’s sad we’re not talking about one of the greatest and oldest rivalries in all of college football, Auburn v. Georgia.

It’s sad Capital Ale House bartenders can’t pronounce Schlafly.

It’s sad negative stories get more play in the press than Debbie in Dallas.

It’s sad media, or news reporting, has become more about emotion and rumor mining than public service.

It’s sad the AmeriCAM public is taking one side.

It’s sad that Auburn University appears to still not have a crisis management plan.

It’s sad public schools can’t provide a better education or at least prep kids to speak on camera.

It’s sad my 15-year old texts more characters in a month than forms complete sentences without the word “like”.  Oh I guess that’s my problem.

swiped from Deadspin.comIt’s sad.

I invested in a grog of Schlafly APA Monday night during beer week here in Richmond to save for Saturday.  I don’t believe it will make it.  As an Auburn person I’m fired up for two reasons: 1) why is this a story in Amen corner?  The University could have made this a non-story by being transparent in the summer.  My fingers point there. 2) Otherwise the timing stinks.  Auburn’s making a run and has a high profile player.  Who stands to benefit?

I had a premonition today and my visions are right sometimes (see 1993 prediction of an undefeated season).  Wouldn’t it be totally ironic if, IF, the Cam thing turns out to be half true?  Think about it.  Auburn gets denied in 2004 to play for the title against a USC team led by Reggie Bush.  Six years later USC is stripped of the title because of Bush’s rules violations.  And here we are.  Auburn is within the same scenario unfolding as a season is being played.

I doubt that USC if confronted with Reggie Bush allegations within a season would have stepped back to look long-term.  All logic says Pete Carroll would have stood in front of the press to say “this kid is a stand up kid.”  Right?

Auburn has a chance right now to do something that no one would expect and no one could criticize.  Sitting Cam in favor of the integrity of the Institution is the right call.  I want to win it all.  I want to see Cam play.  I want Saban to be humiliated on Thanksgiving weekend.

But I want Auburn to rise above the madness, transcend the stereotype.  Auburn has an opportunity to be much more than a 87k seat stadium.  If Cam is the kid we say he is, he’ll be back next year to prove his mettle.  Then no one can doubt his character, nor our resolve to follow the rules and do the right thing.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I keep thinking of what a friend used to tell me, “I only believe half of what I see and half of what I hear.”  Then there’s “somewhere in the middle is the truth.”  In the absence of knowledge… The public doesn’t know the truth but I just can’t believe that there’s all roses on Auburn’s side of the bed.  After all there’s history.

War Eagle.  Beat Georgia!

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