Lovey Dovey

We experienced a tragedy and a birth within days here at LAN.  As you may recall we’ve been all juiced on our birds this Spring.  Mama Dove had an early clutch of two chicks, unusual timing given the harsh winter conditions.

Last Wednesday the two new doves picked the day to learn to fly.  The kids came home from school and were excitedly viewing the activity through the front door.  One soul ventured into the front yard.  The other sibling learned real quick why young chicks don’t venture into the front yard.  A hawk swooped down from the sky and took chick 1 away.

It only took a few hours for the news to reach me.  When I called home to get the grocery list Taylor gave me the play-by-play.  Tracey and Hale were walking the yard as if one of the cats had gotten out.  They were looking for chick 2 to no avail.

Friday morning I noticed a dove near the front porch when returning from my run.  As I approached I noted the color patterns on the wing and the smaller head.  Sure ‘nough chick 2 had escaped the hawk, had been hiding out, and returned home.

The homecoming didn’t last long.  On Monday Tracey phoned me at work to announce that mama and pappa were engaged in “copulating” activity in the front yard near the porch.  Since then, mama has been on the nest.  This morning I noted she was gone and so I peeked in the nest.  Sure ‘nough, she’s laid another egg and is patiently on it this evening.

Lovey Dovey.

Anyone know of a good piece of blog software or template package?  I like the product I’m currently on but now have grown tired of the limits on customization.  My problem is I don’t know allot of code and I don’t plan on learning anytime soon.  Isn’t there a blog in-a-box or something with versatility?

A Sweetie Pie review is on tap soon.  Pictures and the works!  Maybe even a gravy stain.


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