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… looking up more BBQ Chicken recipes.  It’s time to get ready for the Gamecocks, again.  I’m sure our team will be confident heading into this one but it will be interesting to see if they get off to a slow start or take care of business.  My gut feeling on the immediate heels of the Iron Bowl win is that the game may carry a 2004 kind of flair = Auburn will look good but South Carolina will stay in it and make it interesting.

A couple of final thoughts on this year’s Iron Bowl:

  • Did I lose faith?  I teetered on the edge but the play that cinched it for me was the stop inside the 10 after Auburn fumbled a punt late in the game.  Holding Alabama to a field goal at that point was the momentum turner that left the win wide open for the Tigers.
  • And speaking about defense… I hope someone writes a column about Auburn’s stout running defense.  Maybe Auburn lets people get what can’t beat them?  I dunno, but Roof keeps saving his job with amazing halftime adjustments.  That’s the real tale with the Auburn D.
  • More D… A 100lbs soaking wet defensive back knocks Alabama’s starting QB out of the game.  Who would have thunk it?  I imagine the refs didn’t throw a flag because of their amazement.
  • Auburn’s no Tootsie Pop.  How many points does it take to beat this year’s Tiger squad?  Do you honestly see Oregon, TCU, or Boise overcoming 24 points in Tuscaloosa to win that game?  You’re crazy if you do.  Where’s Kirk Herbstreit?
  • Auburn 2, World 0.  Since the Cam allegations became public and the pressure turned up, Auburn’s won two big games.  Sorry LA Times, Fox Sports, New York Times, and the rest of the national media corps.  You’ll have to go one more week to write your “Auburn needs to lose” columns.  Keep writing.  We’re not reading.
  • I don’t care about the Cam stuff anymore.  Really.  The sport is screwed up.  The money is in the wrong place.  The incentives are misaligned. Fix the BCS mess with a playoff.  Get the “voters” out of the way and allocate the incentives on the right things.  The argument “the most significant regular season in sports” is what’s wrong.  There’s too much pressure to compete for 11 to 13 games.
  • And… the fans are a part of the problem too.  Auburn fans will spend thousands this bowl season, maybe even a million plus to support essentially what we disagree with.

Looks like I got off the Iron Bowl wrap and that means I need to pack it in.  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger, today.  It’s nice to have the momentum going into the SEC Championship game.  The Gamecocks will give us a great game and may beat us.  It’s the balance with that squad that is scary, when their motivated.

Hats off the bammers too.  You make life so great.  I’m still grateful not to live in the State.

War Eagle!

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