I B at Half

Because I know there are tons of people checking in us today…

Yes, we’re surprised to see Auburn trailing by 17 at the half.  And credit goes to the bammers for being prepared in all phases of the game.  Sincere props.  More random thoughts:

  • I can’t wait for the SEC explanation of the unsportsmanlike penalty on Nick Fairley.  I have no doubt this game is closer if not for that call.
  • I can’t believe the Twitter-sphere isn’t calling for Auburn D-coordinator Ted Roof’s head.  I don’t recall Auburn looking more confused than that first 15 minutes of play.
  • Speaking of the AU secondary, who’s playing there next year?
  • Speaking of Fairley, that guy’s special.  The second sack and fumble recovery late in the first half was incredible.
  • Big question… what adjustments do the Tigers make?  They get the ball first in the second half.  What can they do to seize control?
  • Best Twitter quote I saw so far today was congratulations to McElroy for passing for 300+ yards on the nation’s #100 pass defense.

Maybe Auburn makes it a game, maybe not.  I would be surprised if they didn’t.  Alabama looks to be the unstoppable and better team today.  Auburn will have to play flawless defense and perhaps score some points off of turnovers, or special teams.  And don’t be surprised if Saban fakes some field goals, kicks an onside kick, fakes a punt, etc.  He won’t let up.

One more note… Looks like Alabama is hanging their season on this one game.  That’s a different feeling.

Here’s the kick-off…

War Eagle!

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