Chimay Ale uncorked and filling a Pilsner glassGood news all around tonight and we’re celebrating.

First, Tracey is employed.  She finished her resume on a Tuesday.  Got it packaged on a Wednesday.  Had her first interview this morning.  Got an offer on the spot.  Not only is she damn good lookin, this girl’s got skills.  She’ll be a vet assistant at an area animal hospital, continuing to do the work she learned in Virginia.  Salud to good ol’ Woodworth for giving her the knowledge to follow her passion and to Tracey for pursuing!

Secondly, my good friend and brother Mr. Artley is a business owner tonight.  Salut to he and his marvelous spouse on the victory and to the coming months and years of building prosperity.  I couldn’t be more proud and happy for him.  I’m envious, for he at some time will have a Comcast Spotlight sales person in his office wanting money.  Oh what I would give to be behind the desk.

And lastly, as if you needed a reason to crack open a beer, it’s NFL Kickoff night.  It turns out due to weather that Taylor’s practice got canceled and now I’m home for the pre-game and the kickoff.  Colts.  Saints.  I can’t think of a better game to kick it all off.  Plus I have Addai on my fantasy team – the beginning of another dominating season of my league.  “I’m comin’ for your porkchop!”

Yes it’s a blurry picture.  And I know its repulsive to see a Chimay in a Pilsner glass.  But c’mon it ain’t no Bud Light.  I pulled out the good stuff.

Congrats to all.

Welcome back NFL.

Life is grand.

Buenas noches mi amigos!

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