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Pigskin Hits

I’ve been getting juiced this week on the impending football season. NFL teams started reporting to camp. Auburn players reported mid-week. My fantasy league is getting organized. The local newspaper finally has some Rams news…

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Purple Rain, Pu-UR-ple Rain

Prince did a good job last night and I’m qualified to say that given that my living room was quieter at halftime than any other moment of the night last night. Of course my halftime started about 20 minutes after everyone else’s halftime did courtesy of the DVR, but Prince put on a heck of […]

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It’s Scenario One

To say I was disappointed that the Saints lost is an understatement. I was upset. My stomach was churning. Perfect time to break out the chili recipe…

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Valuing Pigskin Part Deaux

The MVP race is over. Our thoughts now turn to speculating who will play in the Super Bowl. There’s something to like in every scenario…

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