Pigskin Hits

I’ve been getting juiced this week on the impending football season.  NFL teams started reporting to camp.  Auburn players reported mid-week.  My fantasy league is getting organized.  The local newspaper finally has some Rams news.

We have a few needs around the house to prepare.  I need the dish installed for NFL Sunday Ticket.  Although I can’t move this heavy TV in the basement, the basement does need to be repositioned and the second dish receiver we have needs to be hooked up.

Tracey actually suggested getting a second 60″ LCD for the basement.  Prices have come down tremendously since I bought our first two years ago.  But of course the technology has changed – there are more offerings, more choice.  Each manufacturer has many price points within sizes.  It’s a much harder decision today that it was for me two years ago.

This certainly would be a luxury item.  The plan would be to take the 35″ trinitron monster up to the master bedroom.  I most likely would bring the 27″ we have there now down for another bar TV, giving us three TVs on the lower level.  I know it sounds over the top but when you have Sunday Ticket and you can actually watch every game every Sunday, another TV or two makes all the difference in the world.

I can justify it in my mind, just not the wallet at the moment.  Plenty of time before the first weekend of games however.

I even had my first real conversation at work about college football.  One of my team members is a sports fanatic.  Actually you could call him a sports writer given he writes a Cardinals blog that has received some national attention.  He’s a life long Rams fan as well with season tickets and from what I understand he was raised that way.  For his age he’s a pretty fascinating guy, and certainly talented.

Anyway the conversation started from the Rams having the worst draft history to the Ohio State QB from last year that was schooled by the Gators, to Big Ten fans are cry babies.  Not that you need to know the detail of the discussion.  Only that the conversation awakened my senses and now it’s all I can do not to read football news to get caught up.

Here’s some stories and links that got me going this past week:

Jason Campbell gets some props on ESPN.com regarding is off season work.

You have to love Ivan Maisel, well as an Auburn fan because he gets juiced on football in the deep south.  Tommy Tuberville isn’t the only one who looks forward to reporting day Ivan.

Nothin’ says football is around the corner like a feature on a freshman center who may see considerable time playing as a true freshman.

This one is entertaining to me. For one, Buster has been out of coaching for a decade because no one wants him after the stunt he pulled on the Plains.  Secondly even daddy had to clarify, “I ain’t asking him nothing.”

I started feeding on the frenzy last week with SEC Media Days.  This article relates to the talk then – AU flying under the radar while all eyes are on Saban. The last time AU was “under the radar” we went 13-0.

War DAMN Eagle ya’ll!

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  1. Three TV’s in the basement all showing different Football games? Looks like you’re about to open your own sports bar 🙂

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