Where’d ya go?

It’s been almost a month since the last post and I wouldn’t know where to start.  Here’s some random thoughts this evening as I drink a cold beverage and look forward to two days with no work… well no pay the bills right now work.

1) College football now sucks bad eggs.  You call that a national title?  Give me a break.  If LSU is the national champ then Hillary is certainly the only experienced agent of change running for president.  I wish the president of the University of Georgia was at Auburn.

2) Auburn’s Peach Bowl victory was marvelous – best AU win in a long time (not as good as beating the bammers for the 6th straight but pretty darn good.)  Hello Tony Franklin!

3) What the hell does Texas have that AU doesn’t?  I guess better communication skills.  Our DC leaves because of confusion regarding his contract.  Who didn’t tell him how much he’s loved?  Doesn’t make much sense but we probably will never know the real story.

4) Our new good friends and fellow Auburn alums spent New Year’s Eve here – a great night and they’re wonderful people.  Thank goodness we found some folks to hang with because the Lou was getting old quick.  They brought over a couple Schlafly growlers.  That’s some good beer!

5) School kicks ass and I look more and more forward to it every week.  We’re doing marketing now and starting micro-economics next week.  I passed Statistics!  And I’m gettin’ geeky with a multiple regression model at work.

6) The best Christmas gift received would have to be the bird guide my Aunt sent to us.  We’ve identified all sorts of warblers, finches, woodpeckers, and different black birds.  There’s many others I’ve yet to find in the book of a thousand birds.  Nice addition to the home!

7) 2007 went by fast.  It started mighty slow with much uncertainty.  It ended in a flash and with some stability.  We continue to miss our friends back east.  Some one recently said to us that “St. Louis can be a tough nut to crack.”  That’s the problem with St. Louis.  It’s a nut that needs to be cracked.  We have found some things to build on and look forward to the new year.  We know 12 months from now we’ll look back with the same observation but feel joy that we’ve made it another year.

A belated Happy New Year to all.

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