What To Do With Our Sunday

Good morning. I waited a whole two hours to write a post this morning. Didn’t want you to know we were up that early on a Sunday morning. We are, and always are. Sunday’s have to be the best day of the week. For one, if you get up early it’s the quietest time of the week, regardless of where you live. Secondly, there is football this time of year. Thirdly, breakfast. We always have something cooking for Sunday morning breakfast.

Today we’ll be neck deep in homework. We have some writing to finish for a project due in six days. Oh it’s thrilling stuff about the plush toy industry. I’m sure you would be riveted to the edge of your chair. I’m concerned about you getting blisters and have decided not to share.

While we’re writing, the Redskins will be on. We have the Sunday Ticket so we can see any game we desire. With Auburn’s lame duck year, we’re hedging our dreams on Jason Campbell and the Redskins. You have to wonder with Campbell’s success where has Auburn missed the turn? Let’s not get us going on that one.

The new site layout is ok? We have been going and going since we made the cut over. What an ambitious project it has become. Screw the site design. Tagging and categorizing all the content is insane. You’ll note I have categorized all but 80 posts now. All those categorized have been tagged. That was my first priority.

Next up will be all the broken links and pictures, which may take me a couple of months to finish. Google is a big help. I’m using the webmaster tools provided at no charge. Once you setup your site and submit your sitemap, Google lets you know what they see and don’t see. So you get a good picture where your broken links are, etc. It only crawls several pages at a time so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

I’ve discovered Google Analytics is also a good tool for administration. This morning I was excited to see our first hit from a search engine to the site since the switch. Nice to know however, they hit a link referring to the old site which the new site displayed as an error because the permalinks have changed. We also noticed that when we checked the keyword there were also other results referring to the original LAN on blogger. So we need to set a date to tear that down once we’re confident that spiders have indexed the new site (also are using pictures from that site – aye carumba).

Another feature of the new site from an admin standpoint is search optimization. We’ve plugged in several tools to help. We can toggle the SEO on or off for each post and change the metadata for posts and pages. We have an image optimizer as well that writes and codes the alt tags for images. That is not activated yet – longer term project.

Let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for the site.

We hope all enjoy their Sunday. May it be filled with plenty of pig, pigskin, cold beverage, family, and good times.


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