Upon Further Review

We survived the South Carolina game Thursday night but I can tell you now as sure as I’m alive that I will never give half effort on a tailgate menu again. Just as the Tigers learned on Thursday night, you got to bring your “A” game each weekend. Sorry Tommy for letting you guys down. I’ll do it better next tailgate!

It was because I did do the chicken right that Auburn pulled off the victory. No pictures because it started raining, however I’m sure you can envision six delectable leg quarters smoking in hickory at about 230 degrees. The “Gamecock chicken” took an 18 hour bath in buttermilk before hitting the grill early in the day and by the time I took it off the grill late afternoon its skin was as bronze as an Olympic medal. When we actually ate the chicken, its juice continually oozed from every fiber. Oh baby.

It was because Hale had a soccer game scheduled in the evening (eventually cancelled due to the weather) that I decided to get store bought beans and potato salad, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers for a salad. Frozen Texas toast rounded out the menu. The meal as a whole was ok, but would have been a blow out had I spent more time with preparation and cooking. As Tuberville said of his defense’s performance against Spurrier, “it was a learning experience.”

DMB Live Trax Vol. 6 CoverWe received our copy of DMB’s concert at Fenway Park and have been enjoying it. As a matter of fact I listened to it on the way to Taylor’s field trip yesterday. After reading Mixed Emotions I have to admit maybe I was a little harsh on Dave when I stated that Panic kicked his rear.

I’m not changing my tune on which was the better show. There is no doubt that Panic was better because of the party atmosphere. The environment at DMB was much more subdued and in that sense I have to give the nod to Panic. DMB was a good show and if I was ready to take my kids to their first concert, DMB would rank right at the top.

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