TV Movement

In a previous post I referred to a new television taking up residence in the family room.  We love it, or should I say I love it.  Tracey isn’t so thrilled that there’s another device to compete with (and she’s right).  But I can’t help it.  The picture quality is amazing – so much better than the HD set I acquired in 2005.
At any rate the much older mac daddy set has been sitting in the family room taking up space ever since the new one came home.  “Taking up space” because the old TV weighs a ton, literally.  It’s a 35″ Sony Trinitron (actual picture shown here) and according to the specs it does weigh 228 lbs.  It’s a glass tube television.  So you can imagine 35 diagonal inches takes up some space.  A throwback or glance back to high tech of the early 2000’s.

Anyway I wasn’t about to ask any of my new found friends to come over to help me move this thing so we called a handyman company.  None of the moving companies would come out to move just a TV.  We had a couple of other electrical odds and ends though so a handyman company was a good call.

The appointment was for 11am yesterday.  Tracey called them at 11:30 to see where they were.  We had been left off the calendar.  So the service scrambled to find some guys to get here at 3pm instead.  Tracey had to take Hale for a doctor’s visit so when only one guy showed up at 3:10 she put him right to work on the odds and ends.

The poor guy who was the splitting image of Bob Denver started to get to work but evidentially wasn’t all that handy.  According to Tracey he couldn’t figure out what our problems were (some random issues regarding security lights) so he just fiddled around until his twin arrived at almost 4, as Tracey was needing to leave of course.

As Tracey put it, neither handyman added up to 114 lbs soaking wet.  Let me say that again… these guys were so skinny that they get anchored to a basement foundation every time an ant farts so they don’t blow away.  Here’s this gigantic 228 lb TV that needed to go up a flight of stairs, through the hall, and into our bedroom.  As Panovec can testify, it’s no easy feet of strength.  But here’s these two loafers…

Now I’m not that good of a writer to share the color word for word as Tracey told me this story.  All I know is that I almost wrecked my car driving home yesterday on account I was gut laughing so hard.  These two feathers came very close to dropping this TV several times.  They had beads of sweat pouring from every pore.  One poor fella’s heart was visibly beating through his shirt.  They strained every muscle from finger tip to big toe.  They nor the handyman service had any idea of what they bargained for with this TV.

Tracey waited until these pour souls, now filing for workman’s comp this evening no doubt, left before calling the service to complain about the other items not completed.  Well come on.  They sent handymen who didn’t fix my lights and they banged up the TV stand moving the TV.  What do you expect?  Tracey is bound not to allow any more screw ups.

So out of the St. Louis screw comes a little laughter, and a little getting even.  The service is sending an honest to god electrician over at no additional charge to actually complete our other projects.  Maybe this time some work will get done.  And now we’ve figured out how to hold vendors accountable here in the Lou – have them move the old TV around.

Happy Halloween ya’ll.

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