Trump’in DMB

A few months removed from DMB’s Atlantic City show, I finally got around to downloading and editing a few pictures from the phone.  I think the photo set catches the highlights of the trip for us.  Tim did a great job summarizing all three days too.  Make sure you check out his write-ups: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

You may be aware that after 20 years of straight touring, DMB decided to take this year off, almost.  They announced a “Caravan” touring festival in which they would headline earlier in the year.  The first stop was Atlantic City, New Jersey where they cleaned up an abandoned air field to serve as the venue.  The bill included a stable of DMB friends and a few up and comers.

First stop on the five day trip was Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a relatively unknown place to us before the trip.  I decided that it may be nice to have an overnight stay before three days of concerts to ensure our old bones had some rest.  It turned out to be a hot/cold decision.

An afternoon of Dogfish Head brew sampling followed by fresh oysters and a walk on the beach – wow, wish we could have that every day!  Rehoboth Beach turned out to be a surprise.  The entire evening was one highlight.

The only way to fit the beach night  in and make it to Atlantic City on time was to take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  Tracey hadn’t exhibited motion sickness for years but I learned on this trip that doesn’t mean she’s cured.  A five-hour emergency room visit in Cape May followed the Ferry ride.

Unbelievably, after a shower and meal at our hotel Tracey was ready for night 1 of DMB.  I don’t know if its an indication of her insanity, love for DMB, or love for me… maybe #1 & 2… but she managed to not only make it to the show, but stay for the entire show and the walk back to the hotel.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much history.  We cruised through the next two days as if nothing had happened on the journey.  We saw all the music we wanted to plus became fans of new music too.

Kudos to Atlantic City.  This festival could have been a disaster for them.  An abandoned air field and over 75k visitors in one weekend were potential ingredients to mass hysteria.  Instead, the entire weekend was orderly and uneventful, except for the music of course.

A couple of bullets and then we’re out of here:

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