Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Richmond

Ok, we’re in the Big RIC.  Well, almost.  The girls will get here later this week.  Our belongings are slated to be delivered and off loaded this weekend if everything goes according to plan.  We’ll be introducing the neighborhood to hickory and smoked pig within weeks.  Countdown is commencing…

We posted the top 10 things we’ll miss and won’t miss in St. Louis.  What’s there to love about the Big RIC?  Here’s a list:

  1. Nickname.  We’re happy to be in a town where we can have some fun with a name.  Columbia has the “Cocks”.  St. Louis was the “Screw”.  We’re marking Richmond as the “Big RIC”.  The airport letters are RIC and it’s the biggest little airport you’ve ever been in.
  2. Grits. Yes, grits.  We’re still seeking real grits for breakfast in Richmond’s better known diners.  While we hunt, we’re happy to at least find them in the market.
  3. The market.  No family owned grocery stores here.  Richmond has marketing whore markets where competition on price is prevalent.  We’re pleased that the Baptists sold out to the Dutch and we can now buy beer and wine on Sunday here. 
  4. Afton Mountain Virginia SunriseOBX.  We’re a few hours from OBX, DC, the Queen City, the Blue Ridge, and many places serving cold beverages and good times.  Not to say Senor Pique didn’t serve us up some good times but c’mon, Ballwin?!
  5. History.  Virginia was the first English settlement of the new world.  The American Revolution lead by a Virginian ended here.  Our Declaration of Independence was written by a Virginian.  It doesn’t get any more “red, white, and blue”, regardless of the pattern, than ole Virginia.
  6. DMB.  Someone recently accused me of being obsessed with DMB.  I corrected them: “My wife is obsessed with DMB and I’m obsessed with my wife.”  The band is from Charlottesville.  We’re seeing and spending too much on DMB in 2010.
  7. Friendlies.  It’s great to be close to old friends and making new ones.  I particularly appreciate my team at the work place – a great gang with potential and passion for what we do each day.
  8. The Obvious.  Commuting between Richmond and St. Louis for the past year has been… challenging to say the least.  Now we’re under one roof again.
  9. Yes, weather.  It’s breezy here in the Big RIC.  Sure, tomorrow it’s supposed to be well over 100 degrees but there will be wind.
  10. Ya’ll.  Why can’t we look forward to folklore, slang, accent, dictionary…anything that says “home”?

Ok so number ten was a stretch.  I’m not the writer for David Letterman.  Even if I was, my top ten with 9 valid items is better than what CBS can muster.  Did I ever share the story of seeing a Letterman taping?  Ah, it was lame and not worth the effort to write a post on.

We hope all are having a great week.  Stay cool.  Drink fine craft brew, American craft brew.  And love your spouse.

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