Today’s Menu Includes Hogs

We got our workout in this morning at the new American Family Fitness location in Midlothian.  It’s a pretty sweet gym.  I was particularly happy to have new gear and an indoor track.  Although not as long as other indoor tracks I’ve run, it was padded and a welcome sight for a person wanting to ease back into running again.

But I’m not burning the clock to write that story.  Auburn has a big game today in case you haven’t heard yet.  With Auburn, all games are big at this point.  The national media is talking “run” and our quarterback all of a sudden is in the Heisman discussion. 

Thoughts on some other games first…

  • I don’t believe South Carolina will have a letdown this week at Kentucky but I won’t be surprised if they do.  Kentucky may be the most explosive team in the conference when they want to be.  However, the Wildcats haven’t played a defense like South Carolina’s either.  The Gamecocks will peck the kitties in Lexington, 27-17.
  • Florida better be ready to play today.  Mississippi State isn’t half bad and has upset the Gators before. Coach Dan Mullen gives the Bulldogs an edge in this game.  The big question for me is will the Gators roll over if they fall behind or will they play Gator ball?  I’m predicting an upset in the Swamp, MSU 28, UF 27 and Gator faithful will begin to whisper “was it more than his heart?”
  • Alabama will play angry today.  It’s bad enough to play Alabama after a conference loss.  This week Ole Miss talked smack about the matchup too.  Houston Nutt’s game plan will be entertaining for say… 3 minutes.  Then after that it’s all UAT.  Bammers put away their Kleenex with a good win over the Rebels/Bears, 38 to 10.
  • Teams to root for today:  Wisconsin has a chance to beat #1. Go Badgers.  I may wear Texas orange today as they play the Cornhuskers.  I have nothing against Nebraska just want the BCS teams in front of Auburn to lose. Tommy Tuberville’s Red Raiders play Oklahoma State, the program with more money than God but absolutely no tradition. Good luck Tommy.

Ok, now Auburn.  I won’t repeat anything you’ll find on another blog or site.  The Tigers have the best running game in the league.  The Razorbacks have a poor rushing defense.  The Tigers are shaky when it comes to defending the pass.  It just so happens the Hogs like to throw it around.  Two things: 1) I’ll be surprised if Auburn blows out Arkansas, 2) I’ll be surprised if neither team breaks 20 points. After those items anything goes. 

At this point in the season I have this feeling that a loss is inevitable.  I’m not convninced that AU can go all the way.  However, we can make it to Atlanta if we avoid losing to other SEC West teams.  Today is the first step towards getting to the title game.  The big question for me today is will our team take control of their destiny or will they depend on last second heroics again? 

My gut tells me Bobby Petrino will get the best of us today.  The defense has had its moments but lacks consistency.  Last week the offense left their sense of urgency in the locker room before finding it with minutes to spare.  This is all Petrino and the Razorbacks need.

On the flip side my brain tells me Auburn will find another way to win in the end.  Cam Newton is the most valuable player in college football right now and if he wills it, winning will happen.  Cizik and compnay are attempting the nearly impossible – make Jordan-Hare just as intimidating to play as Death Valley.  So far this year it’s been scary.

So I’m going with a straightjacket pick: Auburn 56, Arkansas 48.

War Eagle everyone!  We’ll post some rib pictures later today.

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