To Say the Least

It has been an interesting weekend and we still have the afternoon and evening today left.

We look forward to another fantasy football victory although I just realized I haven’t set my lineup…

…Ok… we have that settled now.  Looks like Timmay has his work cut out for him today.  “I’m comin’ for ya porkchop!”

Yesterday my good friend Mark and I took a jaunt into the city for Schlafly Brewery’s HOP in the City.  It’s their annual brewfest that features 40+ beers.  It was one of those deals where you get a glass going in and you sample as much as you can within a five hour time span.  There was plenty of beer, a live band, and good people watchin’.

I believe my favorite, I recall hazily, was the Keller Bier.  This was the festival beer and it’s described as a “young, unfiltered German lager, dry hopped with Saaz hops and cask conditioned.”  For an unfiltered beer it was remarkably clear, a beautiful orange-yellow color, and nice finish.  You can find a list of the Schlafly beers on their site.

Along with the Keller Bier, I sampled: American Brown Ale, India Brown Ale, Northern English Brown Ale, APA Cask with Simoce Hops, Kolsch, No. 15, Oktoberfest, Organic Ale, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Schwarzbier, St. Louis Dark Lager, Witbier, Barrel-Aged Grand Cru, Biere de Garde, and the Pumpkin Ale.  These are the beers I checked off my list.  Unfortunately by the time I was ready for the 10% abv Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, it was all gone.  I also missed out on the Blackberry Cider that I was eager to try.

We came across some Auburn fans at the festival and that made it almost like an Auburn tailgate.  I don’t recall falling asleep after an Auburn tailgate however.  But that’s what nearly happened once we made it home.  The beer consumption – all the varieties and alcohol content – made me nap happy.  The lack of offense on the part of my Auburn Tigers didn’t help matters either.

The Alabama press is talking about the Auburn defense today.  No doubt it’s awesome.  There’s also no doubt that we won’t beat LSU with 3 points.  The offense stunk it up and I’m starting to wonder just like many of the Auburn faithful what the hell this spread offense is supposed to look like.  Turnovers, penalties… I think I read one blog this morning with the headline, “This is what Al Borges was fired for?”  Wow.

Here’s another entertaining take on the game…

Still lots of ball left to go…

Enjoy the day.

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