The Summer Mix of 2008

Summer Mix 2008 Banner
Summer Mix 2008 Banner

This year our LAN entry features, you guessed it, more live music.  We liked the theme from last year so much that we created a second version.  And although this year’s mix is special in it’s own right, the 2007 mix was one for the ages.  Surely you need both to get the full effect!

Without further ado we bring you the Summer Mix of 2008: The Livin’ Lou Summer…

1) Carolina Blues by Blues Traveler from Live at Lollapalooza 2006

2) Jealous Again by the Black Crowes from Freak N Roll…Into the Fog

3) Dreamgirl by the Dave Matthews Band from Live Trax Vol. 9

4) Late in the Evening by Paul Simon from Paul Simon’s Concert in the Park

5) Elevation (2005 Live from Milan) by U2 from U218 Singles (Deluxe Version)

6) In the Midnight Hour (Live and Burnin’) by Wilson Pickett from A Man and A Half

7) The Letter by Joe Cocker from Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Live 1970 Fillmore East)

8) Mercy Mercy Me (the Ecology) by Corinne Bailey and John Legend from Live Earth

9) Lay, Lady, Lay by Bob Dylan & the Band from Bob Dylan the Collection 9 (iTunes collection)

10) The Seeker by Rush from R30

11) When It’s Love by Sammy Hagar from Live Hallelujah

12) Wheel In the Sky by Journey from Captured

13) Any Way You Want It by Journey from Captured

14) Sex Machine by Soulive from Soulive at the Double Door Chicago

A couple of comments on the track selection…

First we saw the Black Crowes open for DMB the first weekend of June.  So the Livin’ Lou Summer kicked off officially June 7.  Mr. Panovec was there.  And Carolina Blue goes out to our friend in the Queen City.  Salut!

Secondly we tried to capture some memories of youth, of the summers from yesteryear.  I recall many a night laying in bed listening to tunes from next door, or making noise myself “late in the evening”.  Thus Paul Simon makes his debut on the mix.

Journey’s Captured was one of the first 5 or so albums I owned.  This record is worn out but we still own it, somewhere boxed in the basement.  Journey peaked on this tour and album, me thinks.

Rush.  One of my all-time favorites, maybe my all-time #1 favorite.  We saw them this past week for the umpteenth time.  They don’t play covers but released a covers album a few years back and played some on their 30th Anniversary Tour.

We love the Letter by Joe Cocker and actually wonder how good DMB would sound if they did this cover.  It’s perfect for them and a great addition to the summer mix.

Overall what we were striving for was kind of a summer concert feel where there’s a frantic start to the show and then a middle with moderate pace before a crescendo at the end.  Bob Dylan, Wilson Pickett, and Mercy Mercy Me are in for tempo, soul, and diversity.  Mercy Mercy Me is one of the quintessential summer tunes of history.  I had second thoughts about this version after submitting given the lyric changes.  Sex Machine from Soulive (also featured on Jammer) represents the encore tune.

And then there’s the Red Rocker.  Sammy Hagar singing Van Halen’s When It’s Love really is our LAN theme song.  You may recall a post last year describing some of our Lou experiences.  We couldn’t resist including this in the mix and were proud to share it.

There you go.  Lazy Acres North’s official 2008 Summer Mix: The Livin’ Lou Summer.  Keep watching the summer mix blog for the announcement of winners.

Have a happy summer!

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