T Minus Four

With the VT game behind us there ain’t nothin’ to do now but to get ready for our Tigers to play.
The flag is flying off the front porch.

The grill is lit around back.

Football is airing on just about every TV in the house.

Speaking of… I was convinced that our football viewing experience could be best enhanced with another TV.  (Thanks Dear!)  The family room welcomed a new addition last weekend.  It’s another Sony 60″ rear projection HD.  This model was so new Best Buy didn’t have it on the floor.  It had just arrived in the warehouse and according to the salesman, it wasn’t supposed to be available for sale but the computer let him sell it to me so I have it.

If you don’t have an HD TV, get one.  If you can manage to get the Sony technology, do so.  This is the second Sony HD in the hacienda.  I bought the first one two years ago and the new one runs laps around it – true HD 1080p vs. 2-years old 1080i.  Both are incredible and I can’t imagine watching our Tigers on anything else.  So we’re ready.  Too ready on that front.

You think the fridge is ready?  98% of the space is devoted to liquid nourishment.  I did manage to find a little Dickle here in the Lou – we like to chill ours down some.

In the upper left is one rack of baby back ribs rubbed down with a basic rub.  To the right in the stainless bowl is six of the prettiest leg quarters you’ve ever seen sitting in a buttermilk spa.  Because we love our birds so much I added some ground chipotle and black pepper to the milk bath.  It will all hit the smoke in about an hour.

Along with the protein, Tracey is making some fresh green beans with red potatoes.  No doubt theres more pork fat to cook in those them there beans.  We have potato salad on tap with a nice fresh garden salad.  There’s plenty of frozen treats in freezer for afterwards, if we make it that far.

War Eagle ya’ll!

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