St. Louis BBQ Reviews

I’m here in St. Louis and I thought “good grief, I need a regular posting on the blog that all my loyal readers can count on seeing.”  After all the Lounge has “On Tap.”

So for me, why not critique local BBQ?  This idea came to me today while trying out a new local restaurant.  (Although I’m not sure how local it is given that their website has franchise information.)  It was a BBQ joint and I really miss my grill back in Virginia, so this is the perfect thing to do on a Sunday afternoon until I can get my apprenticeship back up and running.

Porky's Revenge movie posterI think it would be nice over time to come up with a good ratings system, like 4 butts for great, 1 butt for bad, etc.  I may need some help with the graphics.  I could even use the girl pig from the movie Porky’s for the really good BBQ joints.  But the best way for me to start this thing is to rant and then let you guys tell me what these “reviews” need to liven them up some.  Feel free to post your comments and tell me what’s missing so that I can improve these things over time.

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