Somebody Had To Lose…


… just stinks it was our team.  Takeaways from last night:

  1. I get too emotional watching football.
  2. There are real questions without a doubt on Auburn’s new offense.
  3. Tracey makes the best grill cheese out there.

Without giving away all the secrets, we will share that Tracey’s grill cheese features this peppercorn Parmesan sourdough bread.  She uses a variety of cheeses.  Of course butter is involved.  Wow.

No BBQ last night due to school.  Chili paired nicely with the grill cheese.  We make ours with stew meat, or a diced up sirloin.  Rarely do we use ground beef.  Yes beer would have been the logical choice for chili, but with the biggest college game of the year on we took it up a couple of notches.

Since it’s early Sunday morning, I’ll spare the pontification on the game.  Be our guest to Google the results.

We’ll check back in perhaps when I have had some coffee.

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