Rush June 28, 2008

He’ll spare the dramatic commentary for this post today.  One, we have lots to do and we’ve already burned the morning figuring out how to transfer files from Tracey’s new phone to the network.  Two, I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m hungry.  Three, I’m burnt.

Rush extended their Snakes and Arrows Tour into this year.  The set list wasn’t much different from last with the exception of a few tunes.  Ghost of a Chance and Red Barchetta were highlights as was YYZ finishing the show.  The band played flawlessly.  What was noticeable was how much fun the band seemed to be having.  Geddy spoke more liberally than I remember him doing in the past and I could’ve sworn I saw Neil smiling during a closeup.  What more can I say?  I’m a huge Rush fan so they can do no wrong in my eyes.

The seats were good, no complaints; row S, the last row in the pit.  We were all the way to the right of the stage which turned out to be convenient.  It made it much faster to use the restroom and refill beverages without missing much of the show.  Below are the pics from Tracey’s phone (a new Blackberry 8130):

[flickr album=72157609506294408 num=20 size=Thumbnail]

Hey if you’re not a big fan of Rush it’s worth it just to see the songs you know live.  But the other thing here is that you’ll be amazed at how big the sound is and how tight these guys play.  Get the lawn seats at least and chill on a warm summer’s eve.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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