Richmond BBQ Reviews

The July issue of Richmond Magazine featured area barbecue and BBQ restaurants. That got us thinking about hitting the road once again and sampling BBQ from not just Richmond but BBQ joints from across the region. So we’re setting our sights on the calendar to plan a few adventures through the Commonwealth.

We’ll be starting with the “Smoky Dozen” restaurants featured in the magazine before we branch out to other communities. Here’s the list from the issue:richmond barbecue on a map

  • Sibley’s BBQ in Chester
  • Carter’s Pig Pen Bar-B-Que in Mechanicsville
  • Q Barbecue in Midlothian (multiple locations in RVA but we’ll hit the one close to us)
  • Estes BarB’Que downtown Richmond
  • Andy’s BBQ in Richmond
  • Hogshead Cafe on the west end of Richmond
  • Alamo BBQ in Richmond
  • Buzz and Ned’s Real Barbecue in Richmond
  • Benny’s BBQ in Richmond
  • Deep Run Roadhouse in Richmond
  • King’s Famous Barbecue in Petersburg
  • Hickory Notch Grill in Maidens

We’ve already experienced a few of these over the four years we’ve lived here. In 2010 our visit to Q Barbecue prompted a written review. Since then we’ve eaten there plenty of times when in a crunch and craving.

Upon moving to Richmond in 2009, Buzz and Ned’s was the first place I tried. I never had gotten physically sick from BBQ before but did on that visit. We haven’t been back since. I’m a little anxious about visiting this place again.

I really think Hogshead Cafe stacks fake reviews about its restaurant online. My visit there last summer was a stunner – not even close to a BBQ joint. I didn’t write a review here on LAN but did so on another web site which prompted a reply from ownership. I’m curious to go back to see if anything has changed.

Regardless of my past experiences I plan to hit each place on the list and look forward to sampling the barbecue. I especially look forward to finding a few places off the beaten path. Don’t hesitate to tell me about a few I should try too.

Stay tuned…

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