We took lots of pictures at the DMB show with Tracey’s phone camera but I think Tim did the experience more justice.  He posted almost a minute by minute recap of the night at the Woodside via his mobile device.  Check it out.

Rather than rambling with DMB banter in never-ending paragraphs here’s just a few notes:

  • The Black Crowes were great!  They played too little – only 45 minutes – and never returned to the stage to play with DMB which was the big disappointment of the evening.  Tracey and I have made the pledge to never miss a Crowes show again.
  • Luther Dickinson, formally of the North Mississippi Allstars totally has lifted the Crowes to another level!
  • We will not return to Busch Stadium to see another show unless two things: 1) we have tickets within the first 20 rows, or 2) it’s someone we absolutely must see (open to lots of debate).  The stadium is absolutely too big to see a single thing unless you’re close.
  • St. Louis doesn’t deserve to have a “party” at Busch Stadium.  Most of the reporting on the concert before and after was not about the music, the bands, nor the celebration.  The city is too self absorbed in the Cardinals to appreciate the music.  (The Post-Dispatch did make an attempt at a review that was not printed in the Sunday edition.)
  • DMB was great and it was a solid performance.  Tim Reynolds was a nice filler, actually a damn good addition.  No complaints here.  The set list and overall night did seemed somewhat canned but our thoughts are that this probably has more to do with our disappointment that no members of the Black Crowes came on to sing a song or two with DMB.

Sunday was kind of a wrap to the weekend.  I rolled out of bed at 5am to get a fire going.  The picnic was screaming for smoke.  I put it in around 7am and took it off around 5:30pm or so.  It was pretty good.  Not sure what my thoughts on it are to be honest.  It wasn’t impressive to me nor was I disappointed with the work.

We didn’t feel like cooking all the fixin’s as we were drained from the previous day’s activities.  Instead we hit the local deli for a variety of salads, breads, etc.

The real hit of the meal were some pecan and praline cookies that Julie brought over to the house.  Wow, were they great!  Better than having a pecan pie because all that heaven is packed into an easy to handle, no dishes to wash, morsel of southern greatness.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Tim and were honored to have in our home.  There’s never enough time to catch up it seems and are saddened to see him hop on the plane today.  We’ll see you again soon our friend!

We wrap up this post with old glory flying over LAN.  On the tour of LAN Thursday Tim and I noticed this particular angle late in the day with the sun going down in the West.  This was taken in the 4 o’clock hour yesterday as we sat on the patio listing to the Woodside Jukebox with some ice cold beverages.

Happy Trails all!

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