Random Rants for a Monday That Roll Into Tuesday

Random Rant #1: It takes a Dick to beat the Cocks.I couldn’t resist more shameless humor today. Casey Dick came on in relief of Mitch Mustain to lead the Arkansas Razorbacks to a big road win at South Carolina on Saturday. The QB play really didn’t have anything to do with it as the Razorbacks have an incredible running game and it’s looking more and more like they’ll play Florida in Atlanta for the SEC title. For AU to be in Atlanta they have to win out against perennial foes Georgia and Alabama AND Arkansas needs to lose two of their last three (LSU and Tennessee happen to be two of the remaining three teams – can you say “Go Vols” and “Geaux Tigers?”).

Random Rant #2: It’s almost over already.

Yes, Tracey was just as shocked as I was when we realized yesterday that there are only two regular season games left for Auburn and its beloved college football season. With each passing week, the chances of this year’s Tigers being SEC champs, much less SEC West champs, slip by. But we’ve got to make the last couple count! So trips to the market for tons of pork, collards, bourbon, etc. will be in order this week and next. As a matter of fact we were invited out Saturday night and I told Tracey “no way.” Then the announcement came that U-SUCK-PN was NOT carrying the oldest rivalry in the Deep South as one of their two primetime match-ups. It’s a 12:30pm ET game on ESPN Gameplan. I still don’t think I’ll be in any condition to drive after the game nor will want to.

Random Rant #3: For the People. By the People?

No you won’t see any political views expressed on this site much at all (the views expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views of the writer, blogspot.com, or anyone important enough to buy an election). However I read Señor Blanco’s post and it got me fired up. My opinion is that I agree with Señor Blanco… crickets crickets crickets… chirp chirp chirp… Allen is a weasel. I have a no tolerance policy for ignoranamouses. When you refer to a person as a monkey and then claim you didn’t know what the word meant, you’re an idiot. I think Allen loses tomorrow but we all know this guy Webb is just another ass plant, a soldier in the Hillary army. The democrats place Webb, a non-Virginian, in here to compete for the seat but he doesn’t really represent Virginians. That’s what our political landscape has become, representation by the goofs and for the goofs – wherever you can win, that’s where you’re from.

Peanuts' Pig PenRandom Rant #4: Monday Monday da la da do la dum dum

It’s Monday. That means I have the house back to myself. Tracey hits work. The kids hit school. I hit the PC in pursuit of “the man.” The cats hit me up for an endless supply of snacks. As long as I give them snacks they leave me alone but if I go too long between treats then these guys surround me like the Alamo. I believe there’s tar in this house too because I can’t get away without several hundred hairs of all shades and textures sticking to my clothing. I think I look like Pig Pen at the gym except with a cloud of cat hair whipping off of me as I round the track each day. At least it’s not a cloud of gas.

Random Rant #5: Media Mayhem

Just because I’ve worked in the media for over eleven years doesn’t mean that I love everything about media. Take for instance elections. I don’t think we as a society really go out to find information on the candidates anymore. Instead we rely on CNN, FOX News, the New York Times, or another favorite source of information. The sad thing is that news today isn’t the news we grew up with. Journalism students are taught how to take a story from the AP, rewrite it, and make it their own. In addition, to drive the high ratings that drive high advertising revenues, television networks employ personalities that insert their view points into the news they report. And even better, executive producers and editors who are employed to craft a brand select the right news to report and how to report it for their network. Without doing your own research, your decision to vote is based on generic news written and reported by those with an agenda. We may have freedom of the press here, but as consolidation moves ahead we move deeper and deeper every day into media manipulation.

Enjoy your Tuesday and happy election day.

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