Quebec Pix

After some rest, I’ve posted some pictures of our trip at Flickr. They are just a sampling but some of the better ones. We only had a few opportunities to take photos. I hope you enjoy. Below are just a few teasers:
Hale came to Quebec with one goal: eat snails. She actually did it and she liked them. It was hard not to like them with all the butter, garlic, and cheese they had been baked in. There was just the slightest earthy taste.
Not to be outdone, Taylor jumped right in to the snails too. But her expression tells the story – it wasn’t quite the taste she was expecting. By the way I believe this was the most fun we had all weekend at Cafe Buade. The food and atmosphere was great. I only wish I could remember what the name of the beer was that I drank because after only two it took me about five minutes to figure out the gratuity.
Inside the Basilique-Catherdrale Notre Dame in Quebec
If our meal on Friday was the most fun, missing the Christmas Eve service at the Basilique-Catherdrale Notre Dame was the biggest disappointment. The photo above barely does the hall justice as flash photography wasn’t allowed indoors. The original bell tower is all that’s left of the original 1647 building but most everything else was reconstructed in 1771.
Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec
Le Chateau Frontenac was our hotel and it dominates the Quebec skyline. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing that enormous tower. After spending an hour in a horse carriage Friday evening we went to the infamous lounge for some hot beverages in front of the fire but those snobby bastards wouldn’t let the kids in. So much for it being family friendly. This photo was taken looking back on the hotel on Rue St-Louis on Christmas Day in front of the French consulate.
Rue du Petit-Champlain Christmas lights
It was hard for me to do the Christmas decorations justice with my camera. I took dozens of pictures but I don’t really like any of them. This shot was taken on Rue du Petit-Champlain which is a street right at the foot of the Funiculaire filled with shops and cafes. Believe it or not it was bustling with activity on Christmas Day.
To see the rest of the photos, go to my Flickr site. Happy New Year.

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