Someone at school asked me yesterday regarding my recording of the game, “if Auburn’s losing will you watch the entire game?”  I watched the entire game, yes.  But at the point at which it became painfully obvious that the Tigers would be blown out, I hit the FF button to speed the death.  An advantage to watching a recorded game.
There will be no bourbon infused “great to be an Auburn Tiger” post as I wrote last year.  I’m thoroughly disappointed in the overall performance.  It appeared this would be a game for the ages at halftime and perhaps Auburn would take command in the second half.  But breakdowns on defense and the lack of a vertical game were the two items that hurt us in yesterday’s game (from what I remember – I haven’t read any game recaps and probably won’t).

I don’t want to blame any one player or coaching style, play calling, etc.  The performance speaks for itself.  Auburn now must look in the mirror and come to terms with some glaring weaknesses and do their best to hone their strengths to prepare for the bammers.  The Tigers are hardly ever unprepared for that game.  With the team having a bye week before the bammers, I’m sure the coaches will have some tricks up their sleeves.

In the haze of anticipation of watching yesterday’s game I mentioned to Tracey perhaps we should consider scalping some tickets to the bama game and taking the kids down since its Thanksgiving weekend and all.  I’m sure today ticket prices for the game are dropping in some circles.  The bama game used to be Thanksgiving weekend back in the day.  It will be nice to have it back on that weekend once again.

One last little thought… earlier this year I wrote that usually when the Tigers are doing well there’s always a glitch in something else, or at least it seems so.  I take solace in the fact that school is going well, the family is healthy, and I have clean underwear.  Right now that’s a pretty good swap.

War Eagle everyone.

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