One Week and Counting Down

There’s two big newspaper stories here in the Lou this morning: 1) Can St. Louis afford to lose AB to InBev? and 2) how are the Cardinals planning to protect the turf at Busch Stadium next Saturday?

In terms of the first question, we’re rooting for AB in this one, not St. Louis.  An American company with genuine American products that’s been in business for over 150 years and is woven into the fabric of our culture is worth keeping American.  Not to mention several of my classmates are AB people.  Just knowing them and their passion around their jobs has me rooting for the company.

The city is concerned about losing yet another prestigious company and all the $$ given back into local community works.   They may want to look in the mirror and examine “who really cares what high school you went to?!” first.  No doubt roots run deep with AB but today’s front page article seems kind of superficial to me.

In terms of the second question, we’re disappointed (has to be the worst major metro paper we’ve subscribed to and read by the way) the DMB show in less than a week is a concern.  There is no mention of the two tour opening performances, how the band has evolved, how green the tour is becoming, or anything like that.  Nah they wanted to communicate to the public that the Cardinals are confident that the grass will be ok and the team will have a field to still play on after the show.  All the gear can enter the stadium without damage, etc.

I understand the concern but let’s get over it and start the party.  We went all-in with the VIP tickets, the first time we’ve invested in such amenity for a concert.  Panovec’s Warehouse status secured great seats – 17th row center stage.  The VIP gets us prime parking and food with beverage, plenty of AB products no doubt.  Budweiser is a sponsor.  That’s ok with me, Budweiser has grown on me since living here.  I’ll most likely choose a couple cold Selects at only 99 calories.

We have some yard work to do today and various other things.  Overall the house will be in good shape for the weekend.  We can’t wait…

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