Auburn RB Michael Dyer

Oldest Rivalry Day

Auburn RB Michael DyerWe’ve arrived to November 12, 2011 without one post about Auburn football all season.  Just like our MW2 online playing style “low profile”, we’ve traveled the 2011 football season.   It’s been a fun ride to this point though, even with a few losses.

Coming into the season not many people including myself gave Auburn much of a chance. Somehow we survived the month of October.  Wins at South Carolina and at home against Florida and Ole Miss will go a long way to helping Auburn in the off season and into next year.

Here we are in November however.  These games make Auburn players legends.

Today is the oldest rivalry in the deep south.  Auburn and Georgia.  I would write that the away team always seems to have the advantage in this series but with Gene Chizik in only his third year, I’m not certain that’s true any longer.  We do know both of these teams have just as many players from the opposing school’s state as they other.  I believe that what’s makes this game great to watch.

This year Georgia has a lot to lose.  A second conference loss places them in a tie-break with South Carolina.  South Carolina’s victory over Georgia gives them the advantage.  Most likely Georgia is out of the SEC Championship game if they lose today.

Auburn hasn’t much to lose today at all.  We already know we won’t be going to Atlanta.  To a degree we’ve exceeded expectations.  Beating our two biggest rivals is the only thing on our minds at this point in the season.  I like our chances under these scenarios.

Prediction: Auburn on the road over Georgia, 31, 28.

War Eagle!

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