Of Baseball and Blues

We picked today to think of the Lou.  Wouldn’t you know it would creep up on us.  Thank you DMB, ATHooks, family, and the snow.  Yes the snow.  We read a post from our friend, a Mr. A.T. Hooks of Cardinals Diaspora who is now writing for (and resurrecting) Baseball Digest.  Another masterful rant of brilliance that only a crazed new generation of baseball writer could deliver to the mass Internet audience, we may add.

At any pace, weather.  Yes, here we are in the Heart of Dixie (traditionally speaking of course) to only have 4-12 inches of snow.  Reports had 6-9 within the metro.  I gauged our depth to be 4″ here on Virginia Street.  Others emailed in stories of 11 or more inches on the western outskirts.  Nothing but City Dogs was open for lunch (sorry dear) and because of that we had a lousy Bloody Mary to end the day at another tavern up the street.

Which by the way was one of the most productive days we’ve had at work in years.  The office was closed and my commute was one of the most smooth in recent memory.  Just one floor down on the elevator found me smack dab in the middle of an office with just me and my keyboard.  And because the new digs has style, a server full of music in which my contribution to date has been DMB Live from St. Louis 2008 was awaiting Bill Gates’ latest version of media player to fill the orifices of the old tobacco warehouse we call “career space.”

The DMB reminded me of Tracey, her hair flowing like… well we may want to take pause to reflect on hair et. al within the confines of my cranium.  BUT, we have our DMB tickets requested for the Summer Tour and now await the good word on whether we get our tickets, the location of our seats, and which shows we can actually make.  Mr. Panovec and I have conspired to attend both Virginia shows in August.  We also have a pair requested for the Lou show in June.  Anyone want to tailgate?  Let your fingers do the walking and let’s connect!

As mentioned above, Mr. Hooks is now writing for Baseball Digest and we couldn’t be happier to watch him flower.  He had an intro post on the new site and try like hell we did but couldn’t comment to introduce our self back to him (new site glitches I suppose).  So we leave you this second of March with our intro back to Baseball Digest’s newest writer/Cardinals Editor (you may want to read his post first):

As we head the calls of the vixen of the night through our second floor ceiling of the Hill Building in historic Shockoe Slip, we think and reminisce on our life in St. Louis, Missouri.  Oh how the Baseball Gods must be randy at the thought of another opening day ceremony in splendid Busch (to be named InBev) Stadium along the life-blood of Americana, the Mississippi.  As a transplanted Southerner who has tucked his tail to return to the land of the big pigskin and smokehouse, to this we can attest:  IF there was ever an American community so transfixed on and devoted to the patient game of baseball it is the Gateway City.  To no ends are the Bulldogs of Georgia or the Cubs of Chi-town as passionate of their teams as those in St. Louis of their Cardinals.  To be in St. Louis is to sync your heartbeat to the Cardinal roller coaster of tradition, success, and divide.  In other words if you can’t love baseball, move, leave, hang it up.  Living in St. Louis sucks if you can’t live, learn, and love with the ways of Cardinal Baseball.  There’s nothing else.  Here’s to you, the truest of all St. Louis baseball writers.  Salut St. Louis!

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