Number 6

And we finally make it to Number 6, Auburn’s sixth straight victory over Alabama.  The 2007 Iron Bowl certainly lived up to the reputation of the rivalry.  There was plenty of Saban hype.  Lots of talk about Auburn’s inept offense.  Alabama’s extreme desire to break the streak.  A nationally televised audience on ESPN.

Auburn won in typical Auburn fashion: running the football and hard hitting defense.  We chose the video above for a reason.  We terribly miss Tray Blackmon as he has suffered from injuries this season.  Tray had a great game against the Tide last year and as the video shows, kept injecting himself into the announcer’s commentary.  It had to be one of his better games to date in his Auburn career.

Auburn defender Jerraud Powers' interception of Alabama QB John Parker Wilson in the 2007 Iron BowlThe trademark play of the game came late in the second quarter.  After Alabama intercepted a Brandon Cox pass and returned it to the Auburn 19 yard line, the Tide were poised to take a 14-10 lead into the locker room.  Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson lofted a pass into the left back corner of the Auburn end zone where a Alabama receiver bobbled the ball.  Auburn defender Jarraud Powers stole the ball right from the finger tips of the Tide receiver for an interception.  The Tide wouldn’t get close to a TD again.

The final score turned in last year was Auburn 17, Alabama 10.  ESPN has the full recap.

No Auburn team has ever beaten Alabama six times straight.  It’s hard to imagine but both teams’ rosters are filled completely with kids who have never lost/beaten their in-state rival.  This year’s game will truly be unique.  Alabama has many a senior that have never secured bragging rights.  Auburn has lots of young players that never have felt the pain of a loss to Alabama.  We hope it stays that way.

War Eagle ya’ll!

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  1. War Damn Eagle from Morris, Alabama.
    One day to go and you’d think the game has already been played by the way the Bama’rham News writes the sports page. “Auburn’s time has come and gone”, “5 and 6 Auburn means that Bama is back for good”, and “Saban created kittens.”…or something along these lines.
    Hope all is well in STL and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Hopefully we can bring home a winner.

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