Number 3

What can say about number 3 in the series of 6 straight wins?  We pause for a moment as we realize the irony of this year’s season as compared to this moment in time in 2004.  Yet we can’t help use the word “perfect”.

The Tigers came into Tuscaloosa with a 10-0 record.  The Tide was searching for win number 7.  They didn’t care about win number 7.  They wanted 1.  One win over Auburn.  One loss on Auburn’s otherwise perfect season.  Their first victory over the Tigers in Tuscaloosa.  Just one game.

The Tide certainly put forth their best effort in the first half of the game.  They managed to hold the Tigers scoreless and lead 6-0 at halftime.

The second half was another story.  Senior QB Jason Campbell would not allow the Tigers to be denied a perfect regular season.  Campbell’s final numbers told a very effecient story, 18 of 24 for 224 yards.  However it was his numbers from the third period that told the tale.  Campbell was 8-9 and 163 yards.  This was his team.  His game to lead Auburn to victory.

Another interesting sidenote… Carnell “Cadillac” Williams broke Bo Jackson’s TD record with his 44th TD scored in this game.  Quite fitting for an Auburn tailback who consistently executed well in Iron Bowl games.

ESPN has the full recap.

(BTW:  Although I find the attached video above corny and silly, it still represents the second half story fairly well.)

Our countdown of the past 6 victories over Alabama continues tomorrow.  Next Up: How many sacks can one defense have on an opponent’s QB?  The 2005 Iron Bowl will tell the tale.

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