Now it gets Crazy

The crazy season for college football begins tomorrow, or should I say “the crazy” game of the season.  Every time LSU and Auburn get together something nuts happens.  There was the year that the old Auburn gym burned to the ground right outside Jordan-Hare stadium.  Flames rose higher than the stadium but the game played on, Auburn losing.  The “earthquake game” – another Auburn loss – where LSU scored late in the game to get the win and the crowd went so nuts in Baton Rouge that it was measured as an earthquake by LSU geologists.

Auburn’s had its wins.  Take the last two years.  Last year it was nothing but defense with Auburn managing to hold on, on a controversial penalty.  In 2004 another controversial call on a PAT gave the Tigers the win and elevated both Jason Campbell and Courtney Taylor to all-time hero status.  This is one game that has grown into a major rivalry since the SEC went to two divisions long ago.  Sure AU and LSU had some great games in the 80’s but the intensity and the meaning of the games didn’t elevate until there was a “West” division and the winner of this game usually plays in Atlanta.

My favorite?  Has to be 1994.  Auburn trailed LSU late in the 4th quarter 23 to 9.  Auburn had gone undefeated the previous season and had its perfect record on the line.  I used to have former voice of Auburn Jim Fyffe’s highlights of this game but somehow have misplaced them.  The Fox Sports highlights below don’t do the emotion justice.

Trailing 23-9…

So AU gets a quick score from the INT.  Think LSU will go conservative and run some clock?  Think again.

With the game now tied, LSU drives back into the red zone.  Auburn’s D holds and LSU kicks the go ahead score to go up 26-23 with just several minutes remaining.  Auburn’s offense can’t get it done and with a little over 2 minutes left to go in the game LSU gets the ball back to wind out the clock, until…

Up now 30-26 with just about a minute to go believe it or not Auburn gets two more interceptions.  One INT return gets fumbled and then Jamie Howard throws the last INT in the end zone to end the game.  Five INTs in total in the 4th quarter to rally and then to preserve the win.

1994.  The best Auburn/LSU game I can remember.  Auburn was on probation, had gone undefeated the season previously with no games televised.  Going to a bowl in 1994 was still out of the question but the team finally returned to TV.  This was a good welcome back to broadcast.

Who knows what tomorrow night’s game will leave in memory.  It’s a late start, 8pm CT.  Bloggers are reporting today that LSU fans are confident yet concerned.  Auburn will be coming in with a high degree of confidence after two big road wins.  “Will Auburn’s offense get it going?” is the big question.

I have a 9lb Boston Butt basking in the fridge right now with plans to get up and get the smoke going early.  It should take no longer than 8 hours to get ready.  I stocked up the fridge.  The local liquor store as if someone requested it, has now started carrying George Dickel.  Heck, one of my classmates, a fellow Auburn alum will help us turn the family room into a little Jordan Hare to top it off.  It’s shaking up to be a glorious evening.

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