November Reflects

Good Friday.  The Iron Bowl is set and the countdown has commenced.  One week from today Auburn will go for twelve and oh.  Nick Saban and Alabama are saying all the right things.  It’s quiet on the Plains.  Even the Cam Newton saga seems like yesterday’s news.

It’s nice to have a Saturday off.  It hasn’t hit yet but maybe somewhere later this evening as we’re listening to DMB shake down the Charlottesville night it will.  It’s November, the end of November practically and it’s been a long year.  To think of 2010 as a roller coaster is an understatement.  We’re giving “thanks” a little early this year that at least some stability is finding its way back into our lives.  Here’s a couple of “x-ful” items:

  • The Feary’s found their way under one roof.  Although we miss our home in St. Louis, commuting back and forth from Richmond was a killer.  The adjustment all of us had to make after living over a year a part was another story.
  • I’m feeling quite chipper that the kids are turning out great.  They are good kids and we’re awfully proud of them.  Maybe we haven’t managed to screw that up after all.  Eh, there’s still a couple of years.
  • I don’t talk about work here at LAN but being thankful to have a good group of people around me is at the top of the list this year.  They’ve been patient with me as I’ve learned some new things and I’m proud to be associated with that team.
  • Our friends have been rocks for us too.  Cheers to all those who listen to our 1am voice-mails!
  • Speaking of cheer, our family has been awfully supportive.  We are bad at sending cards, but our family is never far from our hearts and minds.  We can find some time to raise a glass or two in your honor this coming week.
  • And Tracey… xoxo.

We hope the upcoming week finds you well and that you’re surrounded by the people and things that count.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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