My Humps

Happy hump day for a middle of June.

No real reason to celebrate other than it’s a quiet week at work with plenty of time to catch up on projects.

Another reason… the weather has been near perfect. No rain. Temps in the lower to mid-80s. Sunny. We may even work the Cardinals game tomorrow afternoon.

We’re still in Panovec Visit Memorial Mode. So tonight we broke out the Clos Du Val Chardonnay. It paired nicely with… Fresh Rainbow Trout. Straub’s had some in today. I overcooked the fish a little but this is how we like it:

You place a sheet of aluminum foil down and drizzle on some EVOO. Place the trout down and open her up to reveal the flesh. Fresh ground pepper with a pinch or two of kosher salt goes down before a couple slices of fresh lemon and thyme. Close her up, drizzle on some more EVOO before sealing with another sheet of foil. Place on a hot grill and cook for no longer than 10 minutes. Keep in mind that she’ll still cook inside the foil after removing from the heat so eat quickly or remove a little early if there is some other prep to be done.

The deli had tomatoes florentine ready for the grill too. So we had those along with asparagus and wild rice. Come to think of it we have more asparagus around here than the Pullman had parsley.

We’re looking forward to the weekend. No specific plans other than a haircut. There’s homework to be done too. Only one more weekend of Finance and Strategy to go and our core phase is all said and done with.


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