Mad Season

What’s wrong with this picture?

I eluded to this crazy winter here in St. Louis in Friday evening’s post.  And check this out.  Yesterday the forecasted high was 60.  The deck here at LAN posted 65 degrees.  Today our forecasted high is 74.

Note that little down arrow next to Monday’s temperature.  That’s bad.  Several weeks ago this crazy phenomena occurred almost to the same extreme.  That day around lunch time we hit a record high around 70 degrees before the temp plummeted over 40 degrees in about 3 hours.

I was in my office having a little meeting and there were thunderstorms, literally tons of rain, thunder, and lightning.  Within the 30 minute time span of that meeting the rain turned to snow, thunder snow.  I could hardly see I-270 out of my window which is about 50-75 feet from our building.  I had never witnessed anything like it in my life.  It reminded me of the movie Day After Tomorrow, where half of the northern hemisphere reverts back to the ice age in less than a day.

At any route, we hope this is the last spurt of wintry weather.  The last several weeks have been particularly harsh with the precipitation, mostly sleet and ice.  The sidewalks have been covered up to this weekend and it has kept me from my morning runs.  There can be no excuses once the warmer weather returns.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Help!!

    I lived in Miami from’70-’86, I desperately need to find the WSHE (she’s only rock n roll) theme song, my aging brain refuses to give up the information. Thanks in advance for your help….Pat

    ps..I’m listening to Dion’s “Bronx in Blue” CD, SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

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